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UVC PuriCleanAir

UV-C light Sterilization

Kills bacteria, germs & virus


PCO Emitting

UV-C 278nm, 10mW LED inside for sterilization and emitting the PCO.

New generation PCO material

kills bacteria, germs, mold & decompose allergens, odor

PCO: Photocatalystic Oxidation by UV light can decompose bacteria to allergens, odor and VOCs like formaldehyde, tobacco with strong oxidizing power

nano particle Silver composite 


kills mold,

bacteria, germs & virus

New composite silver nano particles with UV-C light even can kill virus   efficiently not mention bacteria and germs.

UV light +

TTA composite (PCO+nano silver )

+ Negative ion


supper efficiency air purifier:


With UV-C light strong energy and PCO, nano particles technology combination strongly increase the sterilization and decomposition power for purifying the air. 

Working theorem

UV-C light + PCO



PuriCleanAir is a box as air purifier can kill bacteria, germs, virus and decompose allergens, odor...etc.