Welcome to contact us for the technical, engineering and manufacture services and inquiries. With over 15 years integrated technologies and manufacture expertise in photonics, laser, robot sensor, optics and camera module, our professional team offers thorough services from R&D, product development, engineering, pilot run, mass production, to global logistics.

Being an innovation ecosystem, IAREX is not only a stand-alone creative high-tech integration company, it also is a holding corporate that controls affiliate child companies in associated field to support our clients with all the necessities under one roof to debut their dream products in the fastest possible way and  to help mitigate and minimize technical, coordination and communication hurdles in the way. Over the last 15 years, IAREX Net have applied our technology to a wide range of application fields in several industry segments all over the world, to achieve fully autonomous function, perception-enriched tele-operation or 2D or 3D modelization.