UV-Clean Air Box, the new project of IAREX for self protection to corona virus and other disease infection through the air. This project concept is developing one portable box for the business man traveling. As the  virus can infect people through the air, based on IAREX Technology's technology we'd like to develop one effective air sterilization box by UVC light with the micro particle photocatalysts material T.T.A. Combining these two effective methods the UVC light not only can sterilize the bacteria and virus also can provide the high level light energy to the photocatalytic materials to increase the T.T.A sterilization and decomposition efficiency very powerful to multi times. It not only can sterilize the bacteria and virus also the mold and can decompose the allergen, odor, smoke and VOCs like formaldehyde. It would be very helpful to reduce the harmful disease and materials of air as high efficiency. Our ID designer designed some different ID concepts for option as the "Concept" above, and welcome to response your opinion to us. 

This is an UVC air sterilizer project for business trip and meeting applications. We are planing  to crowdfund on Kickstarter. If you are interested please review "ID Design Concept" and response your opinion to us.  (Opinion Response) Thank you very much!

What do it work?

This UV-Clean Air Box consists of  UV-C light source, proactive nano material, photocatalytic nickle filter, negative ion generator, micro fan and driving/control units. The micro-fan (also called a turbo fan) inside the machine circulates the air that passes through the UVC light, photocatalyst T.T.A. filter and mixed with negative ion all at the same time.

The bacteria, viruses and VOCs etc were killed, decomposed, reduced or neutralized inside the box and hence refreshed clean air is generated.

What is T.T.T - the new PCO material