Introducing the new UV-Clean Air product. Based on our UV-Clean Air module IAREX creates the UV-Clean Baby Fan for the baby care can install on the baby bed also baby carriage to outdoor conveniently. It can efficiently reduce the harmful materials like allergen, bacteria, virus and VOCs around personal space environment.

The UV-Clean Baby Fan is designed can be fixed by the snack rod on the baby bed also the baby carriage conveniently. With rechargeable lithium ion film battery, it can be used at home by USB power and  charging the battery. When taking baby to outdoor it's easily uninstall and fix to the baby carriage by snack rod and adjust the fan wind direction. The battery power can support to 3~4 hours working time in the crowd environment to reduce the infection and allergies probability.

More about UV-Clean Baby Fan 

This is an UVC air sterilizer project for baby care disinfection from the air harmful materials including the bacteria, virus, allergen and VOCs. It's designed can be installed conveniently on the baby bed at home, also the baby carriage to outdoor by flexible banding metal snack rod. The high efficiency double sterilization of UVC light + Photocatalysts T.T.A. decomposition with rechargable safe lithium ion film battery by USB 5V power provide the effective disinfected clean air environment for baby health protection.


Voltage: USB 5V, Power: 5W, USB Charger

UVC LED: 275nm, FAN: 7cfm, T.T.A. filter x2

Net Weight: 500g, Size: 6cmx9cmx3cm

The new project is planing to cloud finance on Kickstarter. The time schedule will start in 2020 June. Welcome to visit our project and you can pre-order this new product in Kickstarter soon.

What do it work?

This UV-Clean Air Box consists of  UV-C light source, proactive nano material, photocatalytic nickle filter, negative ion generator, micro fan and driving/control units. The micro-fan (also called a turbo fan) inside the machine circulates the air that passes through the UVC light, T.T.A. photocatalytic filter and mixed with negative ion all at the same time.

The bacteria, viruses and VOCs etc were killed, decomposed, reduced or neutralized inside the box and hence refreshed clean air is generated.

What is T.T.T - the new PCO material