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About Us

About Us
An Ecosystem for Photonics Innovation
Welcome. We’re IArex Technology. Our technology has already been recognized by market leaders and our scalable business model is setting the trend for industry standards.
With our successful business experience and broad connection, we can help to validate idea, understand technical requirements, support engineering effort and capacities. The result is high survival/success rate for development to production.

A Photonics Industry Leader

IArex Technology is a leading provider of cutting-edge photonics, camera module, robot sensor, laser technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

IArex is a global operation company, ISO9001:2015 certified vertical integration hub and ecosystem which supplies photonics key components that make a laser system, including optics, laser module, laser diode, driver IC and assorted laser sensor module for consumer, industrial, medical, scientific and defense application.

IArex offers a wide range of innovative, intelligent laser sensors, photonics, optics and image technology also the engineering solutions to mass production with a variety of measuring technologies, such as triangulation, 3D ToF measurement, depth sensing, camera module, digital image processing, 3D laser triangulation or UVC LED applications. This wide range enables a high degree of flexibility for generating and transferring measured data to fulfill many different requirements for robot/drone/automobile guidance.

IArex was established in 2006 and has operations in USA, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. The company has been awarded with the 100 best companies to work for, and the 50 fast growing companies by Career magazine and institutes in North America. It is a member of Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations (CIPI).
Our Technology
Light Source, Light Manipulation and Light Perception
Over the last 15 years, we’ve applied our technology to a wide range of application fields in several industry segments all over the world, to achieve fully autonomous function, perception-enriched tele-operation or 2D or 3D modelization.
We provide a solution based on a wide range of photonics modules and sensors (UVC Air Clean Module, 2D Laser Scanner, 3D LIDAR, 3D ToF Camera, 3D Stereo Cameras, Laser Projector) depending on the application and customer needs.
Based on our technologies and resource, we can provide our technical modules to finish products, also welcome trading, distributor or design manufacture business as customers requirements. Welcome your inquiry and look forward to serving you soon.

What You Need In One Place

Being an innovation ecosystem, IArex is not only a stand-alone creative high-tech integration company, it also is a holding corporate that controls affiliate child companies in associated field to support our clients with all the necessities under one roof to debut their dream products in the fastest possible way and to help mitigate and minimize technical, coordination and communication hurdles in the way.

Resource & Manufacture

Sales Automation for photonics components was founded in a hope to provide photonics key components, modules and subsystems to help R&D engineers or product managers to facilitate development progress and hence shorten the time-to-market all in one place.

Laser Subsystem

Professional optoelectronics integration manufacture, has built its technologies around laser and laser sensing for decades and offers products from laser module to laser subsystem.

Embedded Computing Design

Embedian pioneered the concept of an extremely small computer-on-module and single board computers with full implementation of major operating systems, and we are the leading supplier in this industry now.


Provides poly carbonate aspherics and free form lens in single lens or multi-elements camera module including custom made no distortion wide angle lens module for assorted sensor applications that requires high accuracy and precision. Its expertise is in free form lens and high level lens fabrication and assembly.


Tomhin Precision
It has been offering high quality and high precision plastic/metallic/optical parts to customers most in Japan and Germany for more than 2 decades. Business includes mold design, fabrication, mold injection and service process services.

PCB Assembly

Might Electronics
With over 30 years experience and facilities both in Taiwan and China, Might Electronics offers sophisticated PCBA service for more than 2 decades. Clients include Acer, Toshiba, Panasonic and Amazon etc.


Eorex Technology

Provides IP for memory/MCU/power management IC and ASIC, along with multi-chip package memory for mobile devices. It has been supplying proprietary laser diode driver IC, LED driver IC and application specific IC for decades.


OP Mount Instrument
Founded in 1984, OP Mount has prospered in the field of optics equipment and instruments, supplying optomechanics like stages, mount and motion system, on top of education systems more than 300 universities and research institutions worldwide.

Photonics Assembly

Lightcom Inc
Offers cost-effective photonics product assembly and LED consumer product development. Part of supply chain for big box retailers like Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire etc.